Community-Wide Standards

Use Restrictions & Rules Expanded
Calumet West Homeowners Association, Inc
Date Adopted: 6/6/2006
Modified: 12/3/2015



  1. The following exterior modifications, and only these modifications, do not require a Request for Modification Review Form (“Form”) to be submitted if certain conditions are met as specified in the guideline:

i.      Basketball Goals (Guideline 1)

ii.      Ornamental Trees and Shrubbery (Guideline 2)

iii.      Play Equipment (Guideline 3)

iv.      Mailboxes (Guideline 4)

  1. A completed Form must be submitted for all other types of modifications. All modification approvals must be in writing. When plans are required, they must be submitted with the Form. The Form is located on the website under the Homeowners dropdown tab and then the Architectural Control Committee tab (Click here to go to form now). The Form will allow you to attach all needed files and contact information before submitting the proposal to the Architectural Control Committee of Calumet West by clicking the “Submit” button at the bottom of the online form.
  1. The Architectural Control Committee ordinarily meets once a month, except when a holiday postpones a meeting. Owners will receive a response to their request within 45 days after receipt of the request form and all required information. If the applicant needs a decision earlier than 45 days, this should be noted on the Form and the ACC will attempt to provide a decision by the requested date.  Approved changes must be commenced within 6 months from the date of approval and completed within 90 days from commencement unless otherwise agreed to by the ACC.
  2. Requests that are disapproved may be appealed to the Board if done so within 14 days from the date of the ACC’s notice to the owner. (See section 5, (d) “Appeal” in the Protective Covenants Declaration adopted in 2005)



  1. Per section S(b) of the Calumet West Covenants, if any homeowner does work outside of the approved process, they are in violation of the covenants and per section 9 of the Calumet West Covenants, the Compliance Committee I Board of Directors can use fines or other actions as required to gain compliance of the stated violation. 



GUIDELINE NO. I   –   Basketball Goals

1. A Form is not required to be submitted if all of the following requirements are met;

i. Backboard is white, beige, clear or light gray;

ii. Post is painted black;

2. If freestanding or portable the goal must be in the driveway, not in the street or cul de sac per Cobb County code.

3. The goal must be kept in good repair. 

GUIDELINE NO. 2   –   Exterior Landscaping and Maintenance

  1. Form submission is required for all types of screen planting and property line plantings.
  2. Form submission is not required for the following:
    1. ornamental plants (annual and perennial flowers)
    2. shrubbery (mature height less than 6’ tall)
    3. over seeding of fescue lawns and sodding of lawns.
  3. Forms must include a description of the types and sizes of trees or shrubs to be planted and a site plan indicating the relationship of planting/beds to the house and adjacent structures.
  4. Each owner shall keep his lot and all improvements thereon in good order and repair including, but not limited to, seeding, watering, mowing, pruning/cutting of all trees and shrubbery and the painting or other appropriate external care of all buildings and improvements.  The sidewalks also need to be kept clear of any overgrowing plantings. This shall be done in a manner and with such frequency as is consistent with good property management and the precedent set in the surrounding community.

GUIDELINE NO.3   –   Play Equipment. Play Houses and Tree Houses

  1. A Form is not required to be submitted for play equipment if the play equipment is located:
    1. in the rear yard
    2. within the screened fenced area of the rear of the house, if yard is fenced
    3. such that it will have a minimum visual impact on adjacent properties
  2. Play houses and tree houses must be located where they will have a minimum visual impact on adjacent properties. In most cases, material used must match existing materials of the home and the tree house/play house may not be larger than 100 square feet.
  3. Play Equipment, Play Houses, and Tree Houses must be maintained properly including removal of mold and mildew and re-painted if faded or worn.

GUIDELINE NO. 4   –   Mailboxes

  1. 1. Global Home Products, Inc. provides the only Pre-Approved mailbox that can be installed without submitting to the Architectural Control Committee. The mailbox is : MB-500 Post with #2 Mailbox and Paperholder. When this mailbox is installed, please let the ACC know.
  2. For all mailboxes other than the “Global Home Products”
    pre-approved mailbox, the color of the painted posts must be white or black.
  3. Mailboxes must be standard sizes; sculptured or theme boxes are NOT acceptable.
  4. Mailbox numbers are required either on the box or on the post and must be replaced if excessively damaged or worn or missing.
  5. Mailbox posts must be maintained properly including removal of mold and mildew. Painted posts must be re-painted if faded or worn.
  6. Mailboxes must be maintained properly including repair or replacement if mailbox is damaged, broken, or rusted. Missing doors or flags must be repaired or replaced.
  7. Ornamental plantings on or around mailboxes and mailbox posts must be kept trimmed such that address numbers are clearly visible.

GUIDELINE NO. 5   –   Fences

  1. Fences may be placed in rear yard only.   If adjoining the house, the fence must begin at the rear corners of the house.
  2. Fences visible from front of house shall be constructed of wood only (natural finish only) and may not exceed 6’ in height.  Chain link fences visible from street in front of the home are not permitted; homes on corner lots may not have chain link fences facing either street.
  3. Wooden fences must remain a natural finish and may not be painted.
  4. Decorative fences placed in front or side yards must be submitted for approval.
  5. Retaining walls and fences should be properly erected & secured and should be kept in good condition and appearance at all times.

GUIDELINE NO. 6   –   Exterior Siding, Painting, Gutters, Roofing, and Windows

  1. All exterior painting must be submitted for approval whether the color is being changed or remaining the same.
  2. New roofing and gutters do require approval.
  3. Installation of vinyl siding, soffits, or facia must be submitted for approval.
  4. Siding and chimney caps must be maintained and replaced if excessively deteriorated.
  5. Painted surfaces must be properly maintained and re-painted if finishes becomes excessively worn or faded.
  6. Gutters or gutter covers visible from street or from common areas must be properly maintained, and replaced if missing, rusted, broken or sagging.
  7. Roofing shingles visible from street must be properly maintained and any damaged, dislodged, or missing shingles should be promptly repaired or replaced.
  8. Broken windows or torn window screens visible from street and common areas must be repaired or replaced.

GUIDELINE NO. 7 – Yard Maintenance

  1. Front, side and back lawns ( collectively “Lawns”) shall be mowed regularly during the growing season.
  2. Lawns shall be neatly trimmed and edged on borders of sidewalks and curbs.
  3. Clippings shall be disposed of in accordance with Cobb County ordinances.
  4. Weeds and any unsightly overgrowth shall be removed from lawns. It is suggested that fertilizer and herbicide be used to promote healthy lawns and plants and prevent weed infestation; however the purpose of this guideline is not to mandate the use of fertilizers and herbicides. Front yard areas that become excessively bare of grass should be re-seeded or re-sodded.
  5. Lawns shall be watered as needed ( except during times of drought when Cobb County or the State of Georgia may impose a watering ban or restriction).
  6. Landscaped areas shall be pruned and weeded to maintain a neat and orderly appearance.
  7. Shrubs growing directly in front of homes should be neatly maintained. Trees and shrubs in the front yard should also be well trimmed for visibility of the home as well as visibility of cars exiting the driveway.
  8. Shrubs, trees, or other plantings along sidewalks must be trimmed to prevent interference with pedestrian passage on sidewalks.
  9. Shrubs, trees, or other plantings must not interfere with clear sight of any road signs.
  10. Tree limbs should be trimmed so they do not overhang another homeowner’s roof.

Change History

June 6, 2006
Adopted by Board

July 11, 2006
Modified wording on paragraph I. 3. to remove word “generally” from ACC   response time.  Modified fine notice time to state that fine will begin the  number of days from date of first or second violation notice letter, not the date of receipt by the homeowner.  Changes adopted by Board.

December 3, 2015
Modified wording in paragraph 1.1 to revise the location of the submittal form and the procedure for submitting it to the ACC. Modified Section II to only point to the Covenants and not give any additional information. Removed Section Ill as it is explained in the Covenants. Modified Section IV, Guideline 3 to cover the expected maintenance. Modified Section IV, Guideline 4 to list the pre-approved mailbox for the community and to add some additional information in lines 1 & 2. Modified Section IV, Guideline 6 to encompass all roof work.