Neighborhood Pavilion Reservations

Pavilion_1Step 1 – Review the Pavilion Rules:

Pavilion Rules

  • The Pavilion, Pool and Tennis courts are for the use of HOA Full Members only.
  • No parking on flagstone for unloading.
  • Parents are responsible and liable for actions by minors.
  • Please clean tables and remove all trash before leaving.
  • The door to the pool must remain locked at all times.
  • Area is video monitored at all times.
  • Adult supervision required for those under 18.

Fire Pit Rules

  • User must abide by all county fire regulations, and assumes all responsibility and liability for fires in the fire pit.
  • Bring your own wood. No trash in the fire pit.Wood only, no accelerants or flammable liquids.
  • Fires must remain within the fire ring no higher than the rim.
  • Must be 21 or older to build a fire. Under 21 must be supervised by parent/guardian.
  • Before leaving the fire pit allow fire to die down and spread coals. There must be no flames visible. Do not use water to extinguish fires as it will crack the fire bricks.

Pavilion Reservations

  • The Pavilion may be reserved for special events including Birthday Parties, Family Gatherings, and other Celebrations. First come, first serve!
  • Follow the reservation procedures and requirements on our website.
  • Reservations require a 10 person minimum.
  • $50 clean-up fee will be assessed if area left in mess.
  • Any music being played must be kept at a reasonable level.
  • Any banners that are hung shall either be tied off or taped up. Nailing, stapling, tacking or screwing into the posts is prohibited. All debris and tape must be removed after your event to avoid the clean-up fee.
  • You must print a copy of your reservation and have it available during your event.
  • NOTE: The Fire Pit Area, Benches, Playground, and Deck are common property and cannot be reserved.

Step 2 – Check the Calendar Below For Availability:

Step 3 – Use This Form To Request Reservation:

IMPORTANT: Reservations are not complete until you receive confirmation
NOTE: This form is for the Neighborhood Pavilion. If you want to reserve the Pool Pavilion instead, click here.

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