Sanitation Companies

If you aren’t using Cycle Works or West Cobb Sanitation, Please Switch Today !! 

Since the departure of Trashbuster’s, we have seen a dangerous explosion of garbage trucks speeding through the neighborhood, causing unneeded wear and tear on our roads. It took allot of effort to get our streets repaved last time and the way the economy and government services are now, it will be a long time before we can get them repaved again.

At last count we had about 13 different garbage companies going through our neighborhood !To address this, Calumet West Homeown-ers Association is endorsing Cycle Works Sanitation as the “Preferred Trash and Recycling Service” for our community. If you must have 2 pickups a week, we recommend West Cobb Sanitation. Both are locally owned small businesses.

Cycle Works Sanitation

West Cobb Sanitation